deegree-services-3.0-pre-nightly (2010/03/05 00:04) - official


Interface Summary
ExceptionAwareProcesslet The ExceptionAwareProcesslet adds a method to retrieve an ExceptionCustomizer to a Processlet
ExceptionCustomizer The ExceptionCustomizer can be implemented to let a Processlet create an appropriate Exception for an invalid (validation) status.
Processlet Implementations of this interface are (usually GIS-related) processes that can be registered in the deegree WPS, so they can be accessed over the web by the means of the OpenGIS Web Processing Service protocol.
ProcessletExecutionInfo Allows the Processlet to provide execution information, i.e. percentage completed and start/success messages that it wants to make known to clients.

Class Summary
ProcessletInputs Encapsulates the input parameters for the execution of a Processlet.
ProcessletOutputs Encapsulates the output parameters for the execution of a Processlet.

Exception Summary
ProcessletException Indicates that the execution of a Processlet failed.

deegree-services-3.0-pre-nightly (2010/03/05 00:04) - official

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